[ZN5 MGX] Qtopia Alpha


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    [ZN5 MGX] Qtopia Alpha

    Post by ZduneX25 on Sat Jul 24, 2010 8:34 am

    Building Qtopia 4.3.2 with Z6
    Author: Qt Software
    Ported to ZN5: Abram
    Language: English

    So, way to run only through telnet:
    1. Install in the memory card.
    2. Plug the phone in the "Tools" or "Modem and Tools", and via ftp and go here /ezxlocal/download/appwrite/setup/
    3. Opens ezx_system.cfg by Notepad ++ and look for the line "DisplayTimeout = X"
    4. Replaces the value of X such as 999999 "DisplayTimeout = 999999", save the file to your phone. Do not forget to make a backup of the source file!
    5. Reboots the phone.
    6. Plug the phone in the "Tools" or "Modem and Tools"
    7. In telnet prescribes: "/mmc/mmca1/mgxbox/Qtopia_ZN5/Qtopia.sh" Squeezes Enter.
    8. On your phone, press "Yes" wait for about one minute, unplug the phone from your computer.

    -------------------------------------------------- -----
    On the z-mod zn5, you can run directly from kutopiyu mgxbox'a, ie there is no need to in paragraphs 6 and 7.
    Unfortunately for the release of Qtopia would have to pull / insert the battery.
    Do not forget to restore the backup file ezx_system.cfg once played enough.
    Scripts use a folder / mmc/mmca1/mgxbox / if you want you can change it.
    -------------------------------------------------- -----
    Sorry for so unhewn installation. I decided to just run it for yourself to see what it is like.
    Support the project will not be. Therefore, all their negative reviews, opinions, etc., leave with him.
    Thank Zorge.R'in for their assistance.
    Also thanks for Luis30 shell script

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    saya lum coba, ada yang mo coba duluan n ripiuing? Smile
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    Re: [ZN5 MGX] Qtopia Alpha

    Post by Otrebor on Sat Jul 24, 2010 3:35 pm

    look nice


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