Glosario De Terminos Motorola EN INGLES!


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    Glosario De Terminos Motorola EN INGLES! Empty Glosario De Terminos Motorola EN INGLES!

    Post by ZduneX25 on Mon Jun 07, 2010 9:33 am

    para los foreros que hablan ingles, les dejo un glosario de terminos en ingles sobre motorola y algunas cosas:

    checksum - A mathematical calculation run on a piece of code to make sure it's the same as when the original checksum was generated. This is useful after flashing a phone to make sure the data in the phone is the same as what's on the computer. Variations are 'md5sum' and 'crc32'.

    hex - Short for hexadecimal, or counting in base 16 (as opposed to the normal base 10, decimal). A very easy way to write binary, as an 8 bit binary number becomes a single digit in hex. Some version numbers for flash files may be in hex, the digits are 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A B C D E F such that 0B.D2.30 is newer than 0B.12.30

    bit - A single digit in binary, 1 or 0 - often used as true/false or on/off settings

    theme/skin - A set of graphics and colors to change the appearance of a program or OS. Motorola skins are similar to Windows XP themes or Winamp skins. Theme files will have the extention .tcf and skin files .dat and .ski.

    firmware - Somewhere between hardware and software. Generally used to mean any software that's semi-permanently written to a chip and not changed often without lengthy write sessions. The BIOS or CMOS in a computer is a type of firmware.

    USB - Universal Serial Bus - A faster way to connect peripherals than the old serial or parallel ports, also the best way to connect phones. Motorola phones use a mini USB plug on one end and a typical USB A plug on the end that goes into the computer. The plug is similar in size but not the same as the Mini B USB plug used in some digital cameras, but is identical to the Mini USB plug used in other cameras. If you have a cable that you think might work and it fits (DON'T JAM IT) then it should work provided you have the right software and drivers.

    BlueTooth (BT) - A wire replacement technology used to pair (communicate) with other BT devices (headset, usb dongle, pda, etc,). Some carriers are disabling the file-sending capabilities of the BlueTooth devices in some handsets. While it may work for transferring ring tones/graphics/phonebooks, Motorola phones can't use BlueTooth for the more advanced enhancements discussed here. For BT to work the paired devices must be within 30 feet of each other.

    bootloader - A small piece of software that tells an electronic device where the operating system is. Computers have a bootloader at the beginning of the hard drive that tells where the main OS is, and it's the same with Motorola phones. Generally speaking, unless you have major issues, you shouldn't upgrade the bootloader. In addition to causing other problems if done improperly (i.e. dead phone), newer bootloaders tend to have more security measures built into them making things like unlocking more difficult.

    J2ME - Java 2 Micro Edition - The more compact version of Sun's Java platform that Motorola phones run and downloadable games and applications are written in.

    midlet - A Java application written in J2ME, called 'midlet' because it's somewhere between a full application and an applet

    .jad - A small text file that contains a few lines describing a midlet, it's size, name, location, publisher, and a few other details are included.

    .jar - A Java ARchive file. In the context of phones, this is basically the installer file for any midlet you wish to install. Motorola phones can't install a .jar file without a .jad.

    Motorola Terms - These terms are used specifically in this forum as defined, though they may mean something similar when talking about other manufacturer's phones and different terms with other manufacturers may mean something similar to these.

    unlocking - A process used to remove the original service providers lock on the phone. By removing the lock the phone is reset to accept SIM cards from any carrier, as opposed to locked phones which will only accept cards from the original carrier. THIS IS THE ONLY THING UNLOCKING DOES, AND NO, WE DON'T HAVE THE CODES TO UNLOCK YOUR PHONE. DO NOT POST YOUR IMEI NUMBER!

    flash - Part of the firmware of a Motorola phone that contains the OS and applications. Also, the act of putting a flash file on a phone. Reasons for upgrading flash include better RF reception, faster menu response, better battery life etc...

    flex - Part of the firmware of a Motorola phone that contains settings and graphics, usually tied to a certain carrier unless specifically 'unbranded'. Reasons for upgrading the flex include unbranding the phone, faster menu response, and changing the look/behavior of the OS.

    monster pack - A file that contains both flash and flex code for a phone as well as a language pack. Generally not used unless the phone is blank (or otherwise messed up).

    master clear - Destructive restoration of factory default settings. This WILL ERASE your phone book, ring tones, wallpaper, and any other data stored on the phone. Used as a last resort to possibly fix major settings issues. The master clear code for most newer Motorola phones is 000000 (six zeros)

    master reset - Same as master clear but without the destruction, but not always as effective. The master reset code for most newer Motorola phones is 000000 (six zeros)

    reset phone - As seen inside an application or instructions here - power cycling the phone, i.e. turning it off and back on. The same as pressing the reset button on your computer. Usually necessary after settings and file changes over a connection to the computer.

    seem - A file or address in memory that contains settings for the phone. All the seems in the phone (plus some other stuff) make up your flex such that replacing/upgrading your flex will undo any seem edits. Seem editing is similar to Windows registry editing - if you're careful it can make things a lot better/cooler/different; if you mess it up your phone may not work anymore.

    triplets - a group of phones (v300, v400, v500, v600) that have similar hardware and all use the same flash files, starting with 'triplets_'

    p2k - This term is used to refer to a command that is used for your phone to communicate with a computer, also known as a protocol.

    opcode - a special code entered into the phone through the normal buttons on the phone (i.e. no computer needed) that let you change settings not normally available through the menus. Often phone or series specific in nature i.e. the opcode to enable Java App Loader works on a v300 but not a v551 or v188.

    mma files - These files contain information regarding the layout of your phones menus and keypad buttons. There are two sets of mma files, mma_ucp (current menu setup) and mma_dcp (default menu setup). Both mma files are located in directory /a/mobile/system. They can be downloaded to your pc with p2kman/p2kcommander and edited with p2kmenueditor.

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