MotoMusic ACR for L7 by SullenSky


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    MotoMusic ACR for L7 by SullenSky

    Post by ZduneX25 on Mon Jun 07, 2010 9:40 am

    I present you my third release - MSTConsept Feature pack 2: MotoMusic edition!

    This monster pack is designed for music lovers. Some functions have been removed, others added, to provide the best audio experience possible on Motorola SLVR L7.

    Some may like the new feel and look of the mp, others won't, but please remember, that the main thing was audio and music. If you don't find a function you wanted a long time, such as Blacklist, you won't find it here. It will be included in my other future mp. But for now, I invite everyone to this music party on your L7. Take your headphones and let the music take you away.

    Note: Audio quality may differ on different headphones.


    *Only for 08.D0 bootloader
    *Speeded up DRM
    *Multifont patched (6 fonts for English language)

    ***Patches applied to firmware***

    *Access code from corelets
    *Access function from corelets
    *Access RAM from corelets 1.01
    *Access recording values in seems
    *Access seems from corelets 1.03
    *Access system files
    *Airplane mode 1.08 (the newer version 1.11 causes browser restart bug)
    *All folders in OBEX
    *Allow directory creation
    *Always allow change WVIM styles
    *Autoswitch in videoplayer
    *Autounlock keypad 1.19
    *Background work, backlight and status in java 4.18
    *Camera button 1x camera, 2x video camera
    *Cancel emergency calls on lock keypad
    *Cancel removal calls 1.03
    *Cancel vibro and sound change loudness
    *Change symbols order
    *Change snooze time in alarm 1.03
    *Clock in status bar 1.78 lite (+ Custom region tables for skins)
    *Corelets in java list 1.05
    *Debug on 1.15
    *Delete empty folders flash 1.01
    *Discharge tone 2.01 (silent)
    *Display activity 1.01
    *Elfpack and register (elf on a/Elf)
    *General java list 1.01 (java that is both on phone and TF memory is shown in one single list)
    *Increase BT time 1.08
    *Increase iTap dictionary 10 kb 1.01
    *Increase heap (java - 920 kb, corelets - 1400 kb)
    *Increase suites list 1.07
    *Java work USB cable 1.02
    *Keypad backlight 1.05
    *Keypad lock/unlock - menu+menu
    *mma from skin 3.04
    *mp3 320 kbps
    *New date format 1.11
    *New filenames format
    *New numbers format 1.03
    *Opcode menu (menu+0)
    *PDS patch 1.0
    *Rearranged drm icons in status bar
    *Remove master clear and master reset
    *Resolution (allows you to view higher resolution pictures)
    *Powerdown menu 1.05
    *Receive files through bluetooth 1.31
    *Ring styles for email messages 1.01
    *Save photo without menu
    *System heap mod (for better working of elfs)
    *Smooth clearing display 1.05
    *SMS MMS report 1.19 (by default I turned it off)
    *SMS MMS ring vs ringer IDs
    *Speed up L7 (improves filesystem access speed)
    *Track swith in audioplayer 1.23(forward switch)
    *USB charging 1.01
    *Vibro in java 1.02
    *Video rewinding/forwarding
    *Zoom in pictures

    ***Seem edits***

    All usefull seem edits applied.


    Every skin has it's own DRM set for complete customization.

    -Distraction (by Fenix x)
    -Green Xpression (by Fenix x)
    -iToken (by Adal & ZduneX25)
    -oPhoneFresh (by ZduneX25)
    -Red Essencev2 (by Fenix X)
    -White (by Fenix X)


    [img width=637 height=480][You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    The default MotoMusic Tunes skin (by me)


    All elfs are moved to a/Elf for faster access.

    Tunes player is a default music player. It's assigned to the left softkey, it's menu lng file is edited by me. The skin MotoMusic is also made by me. It's set on RAZR 2 V8's media player theme. Hope you like it!


    To have a list of your music files and for a better navigation between the 'Now playing' window and the list of songs, create playlists. This will allow you to jump straight to the 'Now playing' window after pressing 'Play' on the song (while in 'Open media' window, it just plays the song, but doesn't redirect you to the 'Now playing' window).


    1. The elf folder works with Elfrunner. When you upload an elf that restarts your phone, 97 % percent of the time it will delete the Elfrunner.cfg file, so the elf menu will become unavailable. Don't worry, you'll fin that Elfrunner.cfg file in the archive. If this problem happens, copy that Elfunner.cfg file to a/Elf and the elf menu will work again.

    2. When you connect the phone in Memory card mode, it freezes. To avoid it, set the Charging via usb option to 'off' before connecting. You should have no problems after that.

    3. Don't install skins with SkiMan! Because it will mess up your phone (that's because of the drm icons folder in each skin).
    To install skins, use p2k tools or any other p2k application.

    ***Java applications***

    -BOLT --The best mobile internet browser. It's faster than Opera Mini and allows you to download a part of a video from youtube and such sites.
    -MP3Tools --A very useful program for editing tags in music files and cutting the mp3's.

    ***Last notes***

    Under Initial Setup menu, you'll find a Haptics function. It's the bass level. Keep it at on, for the best sound.

    This monster pack is made by me, the Tunes skin MotoMusic is also my work. All credits for skins goes to the creators. A special thanks to ritza_II, for the elfpack.

    Flash MotoMusic with Flash & Backup 3.0x


    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

    All credits by @SullenSky

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