Moto Mario MP [L7 08.D0] by Chinitopex


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    Moto Mario MP [L7 08.D0] by Chinitopex

    Post by ZduneX25 on Mon Jun 07, 2010 9:40 am

    New Monsterpack Moto Mario For L7 by chinitopex
    Firware Acr 4513

    Update 21/10/2009
    RSa removida


    Skins and REgion table



    Skin vista

    Skin Mario by Evo



    Activedesktop.Elf Mario icons

    Activedesktop version 3.4

    Activedesktop. Elf Optimus

    STARt Menu.Elf

    Elf most actually octubre 22/10/2009
    by Baat...

    2 Desplazadores de fondo

    DEscargalos aqui:
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    1.Actdesk-desktop shortcut:
    Run down after the hide, display icons up

    2.AutoRSMS-letter from the obvious: to new information, automatically open to read, but it will lead to information, ring only rings a very short one will come off.

    3.Backupsms-SMS backup: backup information is stored in b / Backupsms / Sms / inBox (Inbox messages) b / Backupsms / Sms / Outbox (Outbox information), you can use "Start" - "document management" to open view it ~

    4.Baidu-Baidu Weather: Open the "Start" - "other application" - "ELF Applications" - "Text Edit" to open the c / mobile / skin / each folder under the baidu.ini file inside the "ID = "behind the numbers are replaced by your local area code, the default is 024, Shenyang and finally the TF card b / ELF / baidu / baidu.ini inside the" ID = "behind the figures changed to your local area code . after you can want to see the weather at the beginning - Other Applications - Baidu Weather Direct running! just pressing a red button on the desktop will only show!! standby mode enter * 87 out of Baidu weather program!!

    5.C_Skin replacement panel: Run a random for a panel, to add it to start automatically also start random for realized the panel.

    6.CodeShow-code show (has acceded to start automatically)

    7.Color_T-colored clock is not recommended to run automatically by adding

    8.Cshow_self-Area Code Search

    9.Date-desktop calendar, it is full (has acceded to start automatically)


    11.DnpEditor-DNP Editor

    12.drmchanger-battery pack changer: With the panel to replace the battery pack pictures, read the c / mobile / skin / corresponding panel, DRM folder of pictures, detailed description see the back of the special instructions (have acceded to start automatically run)

    13.ElfInstaller-ELF Quick Installation

    14.ElfList-ELF list: ELF program in the form of a list shows that 1 and 3 key to switch list (has acceded to start automatically)

    15.ElfOpen-ELF Open: According to the event code, open the corresponding ELF program (has acceded to start automatically)

    16.Game-ELF Games

    17.GamenoL7-run games and applications can lock, the "Privacy Settings" - "Lock Application" to "games and applications," lock on the role of the (not recommended to join automatically)

    18.LightDial-lightning flash-screen

    19.LoveString-character conversion

    20.LRCPlayer-TTPlayer: desktop playback display lyrics, 3 - splash screen, 4 - on the one, 5 - view the current list, 6 - the next one, 7 - Show lyrics, 8 - song attributes, *- volume decreases, 0 mute, # volume increase for the LRC format lyrics and songs with the same name and must be placed in TF card b / mobile / audio / lrc folder, if they can not be displayed on the need to use "lyrics editing software" to standardize the coding of the convert lyrics


    22.Lvideo-video is available Lock: The "Video" and "Vehicle Settings" lock bind together, as long as the lock of "car Settings", then "Video" will be locked (not proposed to be added automatically )

    23.Memorandum-Desktop Notepad

    24.MotoCmd-Document Management

    25.NumBasis-ary conversion

    26.PowerDown-automatic timing off

    27.Reader-Text Reader

    28.RedMenu-off menu: running, hold down the red button a second let go, there will be off the menu.

    29.SaveAs-Save As: running, Bluetooth Receiver files or downloading programs from the network storage location selection will appear Tips, a-phone system, b-TF card, c-phone memory

    30.Screener-screenshot: cut a good image is automatically saved in the TF card, camera keys cut-off screen, the # key to exit the cut-off screen

    31.SeemEditor-SEEM Editor

    32.SkinManager-panel management

    33.SMS_count-write count: namely, "information" inside "SMS Statistics"

    34.Start_Menu-Start Menu: Open the Start menu, the left soft key is to return, the right soft
    key is to determine the

    35.StarUp-auto-boot: Setting method refer to space log


    37.SyncTime-synchronization time: running time will be read from the network, and then the phone time and date correction.

    38.TalkClock-the whole point timekeeping: In addition to running the whole point timekeeping addition, you can also lock the keyboard state, according to the right side camera key, for voice broadcast at any time! Enter * 78 out of standby mode the whole point timekeeping program!!

    39.UsbModePT-USB mode selection: After inserting the data lines will be prompted to connect your phone and computer form: namely, 1. Modem - wireless Internet access using a mobile phone connected to your computer when you select this option 2. Memory card - my computer will appear to move disk, memory card storage media files to the selection of the three. the system - using P2K tools to mobile phone operation, select this option, if you do not have any choice will be in accordance with "USB Settings" of the "default connection" to connect! (has acceded to start automatically)

    40.Ztxtedit-text editort


    Thanks to Zdunex25 for the Drm Mario bros
    you are my best friend always. Very Happy

    Esta esta Mp esta dedicada especialmente
    para zona 1 y amigos espero que les guste
    y den sus comentarios Very Happy

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    No olviden subir sus elf`s en b/mobile
    para tener un correcto funcionamiento de estas aplicaciones
    las Drm funcionan en cada skin es necesario usar Transflash (microSd)

    Aqui les dejo mis elf`s mas recientes 2009..

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