LP & Patch Multifont for E398 & E1ROKR


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    LP & Patch Multifont for E398 & E1ROKR Empty LP & Patch Multifont for E398 & E1ROKR

    Post by ZduneX25 on Tue Jun 08, 2010 8:14 am

    Here is a method by which you can have different fonts on your e398/ROKR phones. Originally posted by gayoe from M3.. Thanks bro..

    It contains font: Tahoma, Ideal, Kristen, Elegante, Symbol in English

    Before you flash this LP, you have to patch CG1 with the patch on the attachment. it contain patch for 42R, 46R, 49R.
    also you have to patch the DRM. you can use your own DRM, but with this DRM patch.
    you can patch it like the way you patch CG1 with FB3.
    if not, then the multifont will not working.

    the simple thing to patch CG1 (firmware) n CG15 (DRM) together is:
    1. create SHX backup of your phone with only CG1 n CG15
    2. patch the SHX with FB3.0.2 or above with those patch (patch CG1 n DRM)
    3. flash the SHX patched to your phone
    4. then flash the LP

    if you want to make different font or different string language, you can edit CG4.smg from this LP with Moto Lang Editor.

    You can download the langpack with 5 fonts from HERE

    big thanks for the russians, montox, zigot, and everyone

    HERE is an excellent guide by LFM on multifonts.. Thanks a lot man..

    Credits to @JithinSK
    LP & Patch Multifont for E398 & E1ROKR Attachmentpatch multifont 002E fixed.zip
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