Last ACR MP for v360 by Last1Left


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    Last ACR MP for v360 by Last1Left

    Post by ZduneX25 on Tue Jun 08, 2010 8:57 am

    Phone model: v360
    Flex: Last1Left Flex 2.0
    Tehnology: v360 Quadband

    compatible with bootloaders 08A0 and 08D0
    - create a backup before flashing

    - clock in status bar
    - lock(Menu Key + Red key)/unlock(Menu key + green key) keypad anywhere in menu
    - removed master clear and master reset from menu
    - Shutdown menu
    - 4 languages (US English, Romanian, Russian and Spanish)
    - multifont: 6 Fonts for Romanian language
    - removed RSA verification
    - customized bootscreen
    - java heap increased to 1400kb(new patch)
    - compatible with sticky firmwares (AER, E0R)
    - on/off keypad backlight option (in Initial Setup)
    - Corelet menu icon in Multimedia (launch MotoCMD.elf)
    - USB Charging option (in Initial Setup)
    - Airplane Mode in Initial Setup
    - Reboot Phone option (in Settings - Phone Status)
    - useless folders on TF removed
    - Display Timeout 20sec, 40sec, 1 minute, 2 minutes
    - new and improved Autolock keypad option (in Initial Setup) – keypad locks at the time set for Display Timeout
    - Automatic unlocking of keypad
    - Imei on * 6
    - Menu Key + Menu Key opens Main Menu from almost everywhere (running a Java app, browsing, during call etc)
    - retain calls list (dialed and received) when changing sim card
    - sound&vibration when using the side volume keys eliminated
    - mms size 1000kb (network dependant)
    - improved sms/mms delivery reports feature. You can now select Yes or No and your choice will be retained
    - sms ringing tone is the default one (the one selected in Ringing Styles) even for phonebook entries that have a custom tone associated
    - ringtones and phonebook contacts pictures from TF
    - Blacklist category in Phonebook
    - snooze time in Alarm Clock changed from 8 min to 10 min
    - automatic photo saving (after selecting Store)
    - new zoom levels when viewing pictures (200 and 250 instead of 50% and 75%)
    - corelets listed in Apps&Games (can be loaded in memory from here, but they still need to be launched using the Corelet icon in Multimedia menu)
    - also, corelets can be moved to TF (possible better for the battery)
    - java apps working with the usb cable connected
    - all Java apps (from TF and from phone’s memory) are shown in a single list
    - tuning of display backlight behavior in Java apps from the phone’s menu
    - Java apps can be suspended (and can continue working) in background
    - no confirmation asked when running Java apps from datebook
    - custom vibration style in Java apps
    - status line in Java apps can be removed( bug fixed. icons don't flash anymore when using full screen)
    - all folders accessible in OBEX mode
    - increased Bluetooth standby time
    - receive all kind of files through BT (in video folder),
    - send all files through BT using MotoCmd.elf
    - The Bitrate of Mp3’s is increased to 320kb
    - alarm clock icon in status line
    - blacklist
    - full java acces to system files
    - 6 skins
    - 11 java applications and 1 java game, no corelet installed
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    - webssession for Romania Orange and Vodafone
    - video styles
    - no discharge sound
    - unlock code: 0000
    - security code: 000000
    - mma_ucp from skin folder. if it doesn't exit in skin folder is used the default mma_ucp
    - and others that i can remember :whistling:

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