[Mgx] RockBox Version 3.4 (100% Functional)


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    [Mgx] RockBox Version 3.4 (100% Functional)

    Post by ZduneX25 on Thu Jun 10, 2010 5:09 am

    Hello everybody, I hereby present the official version of the magnificent RockBox.
    Some time ago and I adapted the Douglas RockBox Beta (version 3.3) of the Rokr Z6 developed by CepiPeres, was a great application but had some bugs and problems.
    Well, then, was recently released on the website of RockBox version 3.4 of this fantastic multimedia center.
    Team Motocaker Team took the opportunity to upgrade the family's RockBox MOTOMAGX.
    I decided to adapt and adjust to this latest version to our dear ZN5 and the result was amazing. So I'm here to share with you the new version of RockBox.

    What's new in this application compared to the Beta:

    -Now the application no longer needs to be closed Plugin, just press the power button (red) to close the application.
    -Now we can listen to music and continue stirring in the application, we can see photos, play games, use some mini-application, do whatever we want.
    -Added the game Doom within the application to play while we hear that favorite song.
    -Is it possible to play videos at 25fps in MPEG format.
    -Is it possible to play ATRAC3 audio files.
    -Is it possible to play audio files AC3.
    -Is it possible to play AAC audio files.
    -System stabilized and made some adjustments.

    Keyboard Configuration:
    - Volume Buttons: Controls the volume.
    - Smart button: Main Menu.
    - Directional Up and Down: Controls the volume and menu controls.
    - Directs Right: Next and Select.
    - Directional Left: Backwards and Back.
    - Center Button: Selects functions.
    - Left Softkey: Pause and Play in Playback mode.
    - Right Softkey: Stop the music / Exit (when using a plugin or game that does not run correctly).
    - Red Button: Close the application.
    - Green Button: Capture screen images.

    The application has 3 display modes: Portrait, Landscape and Landscape II.

    Images of the application:

    I recommend installing it on the Memory Card.
    Works perfectly in Freedom Evolution Brazil 2.0 by Junior Passos, Evo2 and Evo3 by iLove3d.


    Motocaker Team (RockBox)
    Ant-ON (SDL)
    Junior Passos (Ported for ZN5)

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