[ZN5] Dosbox


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    [ZN5] Dosbox

    Post by ZduneX25 on Sat Jun 12, 2010 2:09 am

    DOSbox is a program emulating operational system MS-DOS on the telephone!
    With the help DOSbox it is possible to start the programs and games developed specially for this OS!

    Installation DOSbox:
    1. At you should stand SW with MgxBox (Mpkgbox) - how put read in other subjects!
    2. We download itself DOSbox
    3. We establish(install) by any way. (or is direct through itself MGXbox (MPGKbox), or your demountable disk / mgxbox (Mpkgbox) ") is simply thrown unzip a folder in "
    4. We start - owes the black screen, then console will be started.

    Installation Norton Commander in auto wounds for more convenient start of the applications:
    1. We download itself Norton Commander
    2. Unzip this archive in a folder DOSbox'a, replacing dosbox.conf
    The note: At whom a folder Mgxbox - in dosbox.conf we put not mount c: /mmc/mmca1/mpkgbox/dosbox and mount c: /mmc/mmca1/mgxbox/dosbox
    3. Now Norton is started automatically.

    Installation Windows 3.1:
    1. We download Wndows 3.1
    2. Unzip in a folder DOSbox'a.
    3. We start DOSbox, in Norton'e in a folder Windows is chosen win.com
    4. Is ready, Windows owes will be started!

    Installation of games and applications:
    1. We download archive, unzip a folder c by game or program in a folder DOSbox'a
    2. We start from under Norton'a exeник or com (bat)
    The note: that soft not bug in dosbox.conf it is better to put memsize=8

    Keys of management:
    7 - ALT
    * - blank
    Esc - left softkey
    Enter - centre. A key

    Excuse for mine bad English!
    With the help of this program can be turn out to start Windows 98 on ZN5!
    We try, at me has failed...
    The author of port on ZN5 - Justin. Z

    he useful links:
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    The games and soft can be found in a subject of discussion
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