[ZN5] Freedom Extreme Brazil by Junior Passos (Cramfs - 062A)


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    [ZN5] Freedom Extreme Brazil by Junior Passos (Cramfs - 062A)

    Post by ZduneX25 on Sat Jun 26, 2010 3:07 am

    Freedom Extreme Brazil by Junior Passos

    I present to you my latest MP created with the addition of MP Evo3 cramfs made by the grand ilove3d with some files from other MPs.

    Decided to use the functions of the Freedom Brazil Evolution 3.0 but with much more speed and stability.

    Special thanks to ilove3d the Kidscracker and InsecureSpike.

    Thanks also to the whole team working with the ZN5, the MMUS, to my friends and the people of PlusGSM ZN5's community on Orkut for helping me with this work.

    Special thanks to my friends Arkanjo, Th! @ Go, Hip Hop, Lucas S. Silva, Luciano Cassian and for being Beta Testers and help me finish the MP.

    Thanks to all staff who use my work, because all help in some way.

    Any description of what was done in this version is the DOC file attached. Please read before going to MP.

    Warning: This MP has changes in the camera, now you can record in QVGA (320x240).

    All applications have been edited, modified, adapted and translated.

    Key features and functions of the new MP:

    Samba-Connection is already installed in MP. No more application to enable this function.
    -RAW and binned RAW modes is already installed on the MP. No more application to enable this function.
    The application-Style Menu has two modes of seven loads of icons.
    And the sub-menu now besides having the display on the List mode, you can also display icons in the mood.
    -Now the MP has support for Ext3, or you can partition the memory card to get another allocation and may use up to 32GB Memory Card. You can even install Skins and create this new swap partition, and when you connect the phone using the PC Card Memory Mode, you need not disable the swap that will appear both Removable Disks normally, so you can access all the contents of the cell normalmente. Swap-automatic (no longer need app to manage it and not connect the phone to turn off the PC).
    Cramfs-support (much faster than Evolution Freedom Brazil 3.0).
    -QVGA (now filming at 320x240) \ o /
    -Some new functions in Wifi (Wifi Setup Wizard and T-Mobile)
    New Features in-camera control (brightness and exposure, Photoart, RAW and binned RAW, geed and Expert Mode among others).
    -Now the phone is connecting a lot faster than before.
    -The sound is a little higher and purer.
    -Clicking scripts appears the option to run or edit them.
    -By clicking on text files appears the option to read or edit them.
    -No longer need to change their source app or restore it. To install just click on a ttf font.
    And to restore the original source, just delete the file Fonte.ttf that is unrecognizable Files folder and restart the phone.

    Who will use the scheme to register to take full MagicBox acessom follow these steps:
    1 - Enable the Lock Pin (One SIM lock that you can place and when you call asking for the password).
    2 - Restart the Mobile and when reconnect not put the pin.
    3 - Press the Multi Media (Between the Green button Joystick and q enter the music menu).
    4 - Press any key to enter and free to register.
    5 - Enter the number 333,333,333,333,333 and press OK.
    6 - Ready!

    Do not disable the PIN LOCK, otherwise the MagicBox loses the record.
    Anyone who has bought the record does not need to use this schema above.

    And who wants to buy the record, just contact the ilove3d the email that is in itself MagicBox. And I recommend to buy the record, as well as being more correct, is 100% guaranteed.

    Warning: Anyone who has spent the Norse rather not have to go back, just past the only MP.

    Any questions refente MP can post that answer, and the rest will you guys moving and discovering.

    Thanks to everyone who supported me and helped me during all this time and I hope you enjoy this MP. =)

    Download For BOOT 062A:
    [You must be registered and logged in to see this link.]

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    Re: [ZN5] Freedom Extreme Brazil by Junior Passos (Cramfs - 062A)

    Post by Otrebor on Sat Jun 26, 2010 8:55 am

    very good, thanks a lot


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    Re: [ZN5] Freedom Extreme Brazil by Junior Passos (Cramfs - 062A)

    Post by pohlaco on Tue Jun 29, 2010 5:57 pm

    hohohoohoh espetacular .. muito bom!!!!

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    Re: [ZN5] Freedom Extreme Brazil by Junior Passos (Cramfs - 062A)

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