Mplayer revision from china


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    Mplayer revision from china

    Post by ZduneX25 on Thu Jun 10, 2010 5:01 am

    this is the Zn5 / U9 Mplayer by tulanix but not the v1.01 it is the most new

    Download pagehttp:

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    hi i am zhoumi i am from china i wish i can share somethings to you.

    if you want to download please read the How to download?

    Because of the language:I will use the network hard disk to share things i wish you can understand and download.

    how to download ?
    first: click 进入下载页 (Look a little slowly in the right)
    The second: you will get the really download page and click 立即下载

    Chinese to english 进入下载页 : Enter download page
    立即下载ownload right now

    I will use the network hard disk to share things i wish you can understand and download.

    This is the latest version of our Ant - in the edition on 'made some changes to entry and exit 4 seconds delay when we do most video playback without problems

    thanks to Ant-on' SDK , Pause work!
    thanks to Ant-on' SDK and technology, the Mplayer on ZN5 can work with basic option!
    thanks to galaxian, he tech me a lot of how to programming on ZN5!
    thanks to all of my friend, and thank to all the support!

    now the mplayer can work on ZN5, though the Vedio driver is not good enough and the CPU can not be locked


    The newly discovered BUG
    1, memory leaks. Especially the big complex code broadcast video resolution, a memory leaks.
    2, small probability circumstances don't release IPU/framebuffer equipment, cause remains
    I see in the net after the feedback of 20 multiple video playback and observed after the two problems to solve, can restart.
    This may be the same two BUG, hidden deep, I level is not high, haven't * * to resolve this step, escalating, plus an exam tomorrow, haven't debugging,

    20100508 update
    Fixed a BUG in the SIGNAL 13 and this BUG not visible, because in Mplayer core exit, I also nothing important good way, just in Mplayer Sleep after the core exit, there should be no problem for 4 seconds.

    Reflect on Mplayer, according to exit button, after four seconds, this is the remains Mplayer can completely to wait.

    This update, for most don't release equipment bugs, if the other side cannot normal use mobile phones, trouble again.
    Forget that support format can add, I also don't know to what format, you can support the installation files, add try to modify the mplayer. Inside, then the ini

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